Thursday, July 29, 2010

Giraffes are Fierce. ??

Well... Well... Well... Hello again blogging world. I never thought it would take this long to get back here, but here I am! Better late than never, right?

Although it's been forever since I've blogged, time seems to be flying by. so fast... I am getting ready to start my third semester at school for Graphic Design. I love it by the way. And I just started my co-op with The Bank of Kentucky (where I've worked in a branch for four years) doing marketing and design... Things are truly looking great! On top of all of that, Eric and I are looking for a house and that's super exciting/scary/nerve-racking all at the same time.

Don't get me wrong, I still stalk all of my favorite blogs... Don't really have time to leave comments, just able to stay long enough to be creepy. :) Facebook consumes most of my internet time these days, duh.

I really don't have any scrapbooking related pictures to post since all I've been doing lately is mainly working on Design projects like Etsy Banners and logos. But I will tell you that on the rare occasion that I get to sit at my own desk at home, I sit and stare at boxes atop boxes, jam packed shelves, full baskets of paper goodness. I want to make something so bad but my brain just won't seem to work that way right now. It's all about the computer and digital-ness. (?)

It's a little frustrating. And I have thought about digital scrap booking but that's just not the same and I wouldn't want to ruin the real thing. I want to make books and to-do lists and all these fancy things that I see on other blogs. Hmmmm... Get your wheels spinning people, what can I do that will satisfy my paper withdrawals!?

I have done one semi-productive thing lately in the realm of "scrapbooking"... I updated the shop! Ah! Crazy, I know! I've been promising this for centuries it seems like. It's all there though for your eyes only! I really want to get The Jelly Bean Joint going again so I can fund my new adventure... New digital design etsy shop. yay! Printables... Downloads... Do-it-yourself stuff... Digital Invites/Announcements... The whole she-bang. Anyway, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, he's some of the new stuff in the shop (I had to post some kind of pictures!):

My personal favorite is the 30 days 30 reasons journal... I made one for Eric and it was actually pretty amusing to make it and to see his reaction when he read it at the end of the thirty days. Each day I would just write sweet little things that had either happened that day or just something sweet about him in general. :) I had accidentally skipped a day too so I think that was the funniest part. He's my honey bunches!

Anyway, get on over to the shop and check it out... And as always, let me know if you want something custom, because those are my favorite things to make!

So now for the serious stuff. Seriously cool stuff anyways. I have been thinking that I would love to collaborate on a project with someone else in the crafty world. I don't know what, where, when, how, or why... I just know that I want to do something fun and great! It could be a class, a blog, a challenge... I don't know and don't care! I want all of your ideas thrown out there. You want to challenge me to dress a giraffe using nothing but construction paper?? Dare you. Sike, that may actually be dangerous... I hear giraffes are pretty fierce.

Seriously though... on a less cornier note... I really want to give something a go. I need a little spark of creative energy in my life and it's really hard to do when none the people you are around daily are crafty. Plus nobody in the real world has time for fun stuff like we do, right? :) So tell me what you're thinkin'... I'd love to collaborate :)

*EDITED**** If you have ideas and you want to keep them a secret, you can email me at

p.s. I know I know... The :)'s in this post were out of control and I have a little obsession with typing three periods consecutively... So sue me. :) ...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I can't relate to ... or :)'s at all... lol ;) I love your new projects :):):):):):)

amy lapi said...

why hello miss mollie! we missed you!